Hydrema Rail Lift

This purpose built elevated work platform and crane has been manufactured to meet AS1418.10 and AS1418.11 exclusively for the Hydrema MX16-Rail and MX20-Rail excavators. It enables a basket for two people and tools to work safely at height and includes as standard a height and slew limitation (virtual wall) specifically designed for working in the rail industry.  The crane can be folded and basket stowed behind the machine in a transport position, providing a fully mobile unit on rail.  The unit is also fully detachable from the base machine, with adjustable stabilisers for ease of removing and storage when removed.

Maximum work height: Basket 14.0 m
Maximum work height: Crane 13.0 m
Maximum work reach: Basket 12.2 m
Maximum work reach: Crane 9.9 m
Maximum load at maximum reach: Basket 200 kg
Maximum load at maximum reach: Crane 700 kg
Maximum slew torque 11.8 kNm
Maximum lift moment 7.90 mt
Weight 2,400 kg
Maximum track cant 180 mm


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